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Board Book - 10 Pop-Ups Dinosaurs


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Amazing Pop Ups for the youngest readers. Do penguins fly? How many animals live in the jungle? How fast could a T-Rex run? Did you know that some squids are as large as whales? You’ll find the answers to these and many more questions in these 4 books, each one devoted to a different subject and containing 10 amazing pop ups. From the colourful inhabitants of the ocean to the most peculiar wild animals, from the mysteries of the jungle to the fascinating world of dinosaurs, tons of colourful illustrations – enhanced by spectacular pop ups – will propel young readers into incredible worlds. Plus lots of interesting titbits to improve your knowledge of a wide range of subjects, making these books both stimulating and fun to read! * Each volume includes 10 fun pop up inspired by a specific theme * Fun to read as you improve your knowledge of a wide range of subjects and have fun with 3D creations.