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Orange Hippo - Little Book of Shakespeare's Insults


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Away, you scullion, you rampallion, you fustilarian! Along with penning some of the most sublime passages in all of English Literature, Shakespeare was a master when it came to casting a wicked comeback or hurling a barbed insult. Whether it’s Prospero calling Caliban a “freckled whelp, hag-born” in The Tempest or King Lear railing against his daughter Goneril with the damning words, “Thou art a boil, a plague sore, an embossed carbuncle in my corrupted blood”, Shakespeare didn’t hold back when it came to getting creative with his slights. Packed full of eloquent stings and poisonous putdowns, this is the perfect resource for anyone looking to scorn an enemy – without resorting to swearing!”Away, you starvelling, you elf-skin, you dried neat’s-tongue, bull’s-pizzle, you stock-fish!” Henry IV Part I (Act 2, Scene 4) “Away, you three-inch fool.” The Taming of the Shrew (Act 4, Scene 1) “Go, prick thy face, and over-red thy fear, Thou lily-liver’d boy.” Macbeth (Act 5, Scene 3) “The tartness of his face sours ripe grapes.” The Comedy of Errors (Act 5, Scene 4)